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Ill Eagle Journal discusses the secret, perjury-prone Family Courts. Read all 2002 issues

The Honourable Sir James Laurence Munby (one of the Justices of the High Court sitting at the Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, London) sent Mark Harris to jail for eight months for waving to his children. We publish this English Court Order Read more

On 10apr01 the editor of ManKind's Ill Eagle Magazine wrote to sundry Chiefs of Police where they live to say that in view of their behaviour, senior judges Thorpe and Sloss should have 24 hour police protection. He wrote they are in real danger and predicted that the tyrannical behaviour of judges in Secret Family Courts, might cause wronged parents to take the law into their own hands by attacking those who play out their unfettered arrogance towards fathers. read more

European Law Directive 79/7 overides English Law and Regulation. European Law Directive 79/7 prohibits direct or indirect discrimination on the grounds of gender in social security schemes for the unemployed, sick, old or disabled. Three Court of Appeal Judges support a father. Read more

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