2001 Conference
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2000 Conference
ManKind Conference 2001
Saturday 15th September, 2001. 10am - 9pm.
Friends House, Euston Rd., London. Opposite Euston Station

Key Speakers

Neil Hamilton, ex-MP   An alleged victim of rape remains anonymous, but their alleged assailant does not have that protection
Hillary Seddon   Runs FASO (False Allegations Support Organisation)
Mr. Primus.   Lengthy jail sentence as a result of a false allegation.
James Bogle Barrister  
Dr. Harold Hillman Emeritus Reader in Biophysics, Surrey University

Harold Hillman decided that accepted fundamentals about the nature of the living cell were faulty. He was boycotted by his peers, and unable to publish material which threatened the validity of their published research results. In their turn, they threatened the research funding of Surrey University, so the Vice-Chancellor fired him. However, a newspaper article by Melanie Phillips about the scandal forced the Vice-Chancellor to re-hire him. Read more

Sue Warman M. A Deputy Principal, South Nottingham College

Sue Warman studied the way in which college students were being indoctrinated with biased, pro-Establishment views on AIDS, putting them at risk.
AIDS and BSE - The Tragedy of Tunnel Vision

Theocharis Author of "Where science has gone wrong",
Nature, 15oct87
Although Theocharis pointed out in Nature, the most prestigious journal, that Science was entering a blind alley by retreating from rigour and reliance on fact, the academic coterie which spoke for science in the resulting "Science Wars" ten years later completely suppressed the earlier contribution of Theocharis, and continue to do so.
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Rae West Rae has the comprehensive website on censorship

Rae West is the veteran of Suppression, and has the major website on the subject.
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Mark Harris Jailed for ten months for waiving to his children?

Mark Harris was jailed by Judge Munby for demonstrating outside the Judge's home. Munby used phoney "contempt of court" charges as an excuse to jail him. He also approached the Telegraph, and smeared Harris's character. Read more

Anthony Pace "The fifth column"

Anthony Pace is researching the radfem fifth column. Avowedly Marxist, they use the same tactics as did the Communists to infiltrate and pervert
institutions. Read more.

Dr. D S Walton  

Dr. Dave Walton worked with Ivor Catt on electromagnetic theory for thirty years. His advances were totally suppressed by all journals in the world. Read more

Geoffrey Ben-Nathan   Further development of the "Rite of passage" idea. Read more
Mr. Primus   Lengthy jail sentence as a result of a false allegation.
Dr. Brian Robertson   Discussion of Stinko and how the BBC support her lying statistics.
I will also present examples of censorship before the UK general elections.
This is the time when maximum freedom of speech is required and when maximum suppression is used in the form of criminalising campaigning individuals using the Representation of the Peoples Act. Read more

ManKind Members - Session Two

During the second session, members of ManKind will talk for five minutes about suppression in their cases.
Please email or otherwise send an outline (in electronic form) of the case to ivorcatt@electromagnetism.demon.co.uk .
Hyperlinks to the Outlines of the ManKind members talks will be posted here on this website well before the conference.
Please also let me have a one page abstract which we print as handout at the conference.
The actual, brief talk will then be a taster for these other sources of information.

References in the literature
General discussion of censorship

Hiram Caton.

Truth Management in Science read more  

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