" You Are going to get more extremist groups appearing. Sooner or later a father is going to pick up a gun and go visit a judge or go into a cafcass ... office ".
The Observer, 20April 2003, read

To Sir Charles Pollard Q.P.M., Ll.B.,,
i/c Thames Valley Police,
Oxon OX5 2NX
Oxford Road,

Although Judge Tyrer, Princes Risborough, is a minor judge, he got himself caught up in the escalating problem caused by judicial misconduct in the major secret family courts. Miskulin embarked on a hunger strike when, in the High Court, Judge Tyrer stole his children. This was reported on by the Daily Mail.

Tyrer's major error when in the Royal Courts of Justice was to slap a worldwide gagging order on hunger striker Miskulin, which linked Tyrer with the later outrageous behaviour of a senior judge who jailed my colleague Mark Harris for ten months on a spurious claim of Contempt of Court. The court was secret, and his real reason for attacking Harris was that he disliked the demonstrations outside his home in protest against the judge's previous repeatedly illegal behaviour in secret family courts.

As an interesting side issue, the Police Federation should consider whether they should act for judge who jails a citizen for alleged contempt of court in a secret court, where there are no witnesses.

Although I believe that tainted senior family court judges should already have 24 hour police protection, I believe there is a chance for me and my temperate colleagues to hold the line against illegal reaction to attacks on children by these disgraceful, ignorant judges. However, we need help from the police, and it will also be helpful if you try to get Tyrer to remedy his abysmal ignorance of the subject he is mishandling so spectacularly. If he communicated with us, we could give him access to the crucial statistics and other information he needs on the outcomes for children from his kind of ignorant misconduct in the family courts. It is possible that he would then alter his presently destructive behaviour. Teenaged pregnancy for Miskulin's children is three times more likely as a result of Tyrer's behaviour, as is future criminality. Death is fifty times more likely.

"Bricking", which has been suggested, is an uncouth indicator of the seriousness of the situation that Tyrer and his colleagues have created, led by Sloss. I feel that it might be possible to hold back more and more outraged fathers if you could convince Tyrer of the seriousness of the developing situation.

Lord Chief Justice Taylor said; "The law responds to public opinion." However, these judges refuse to communicate with the victims who come before them in their secret courts, or to remedy their crass ignorance. Our alliance of reform groups will continue to try to maintain the peace. However, if the judges remain incommunicado and continue their misbehaviour, we will be brushed aside by extremists. We have to show results in the medium future, or lose control of an increasingly volatile situation.

Ivor Catt M.A., Editor, "Ill Eagle". 9apr01

121 Westfields, St. Albans AL3 4JR

tel. 01727 864257

Because I edit a journal on this subject, it does not receive heavy coverage on my website www.electromagnetism.demon.co.uk/

Unless Sloss and our other senior Family Court Judges alter their behaviour, our destination from the current trend is described on my website at http://www.electromagnetism.demon.co.uk/14127.htm This is an international problem. Prof. Baskerville flew over to address our 28oct00 conference (see my website).

In their ignorance, judges are being manipulated by certain anti-family campaigners, for instance Stanko at RHC.


To Rev. R G Rhodes,

The Rectory,

Church End,


Princes Risborough,

Bucks HP27 9PD

Tel 01844 344762

I enclose my letter to the head of Thames Valley Police.

The misconduct by Tyrer in the courts, extremely damaging to children, has to be brought to the attention of the villagers in Princes Risborough, where he lives. Many of them have children. Tyrer's neighbour told us that his friend had been attacked by a judge in the family courts.

It is possible that we could do this more efficiently by publishing in the Parish Newsletter, or by inserting a leaflet in it, rather than trooping round the whole village ourselves.

I look forward to your comments.

Although judges including Tyrer have been attacking children for decades in their secret, gagged family courts, the gagging of a hunger striker Miskulin by Tyrer, followed by the jailing of my colleague Mark Harris for ten months on the spurious charge of Contempt of Court in a secret gagged court, has created an extremely volatile situation. The villagers of Princes Risborough need to be informed of this.

Quite apart from the increasing rick to children from these ignorant, anti-social judges, the recent precedent of jailing a campaigner for ten months for alleged conduct in a secret, gagged court, has to be dealt with in order to avoid a slide into tyranny. These judges are so stupid, unable to consider the implications of their behaviour.

Yours sincerely,

Ivor Catt 10apr01

121 Westfields, St. Albans
Tel 01727 864257


Addendum. 11apr01. As an anglican clergyman, you will be interested in this evidence of the extent to which anti-family radfems like Stanko, Bindel have infiltrated society. About a year ago, inserted with your clergyman's payslip, you received propaganda from the Women's Unit of "Churches Together". This propaganda grossly exaggerated the amount of violence by married men, and avoided differentiating between married couples and cohabiting couples, which are much more violent, although still not very much. (One reason for this propaganda is to mask the massive violence in same-sex relationships - lesbians report 52% in their relationships.) The married figure is 4.2%, see Home Office Report 191. This incubus of anti-family women in "Churches Together" use the fraudulent "one in four" figure fabricated by Betsy Stanko of RHC, the figure attributed to Stanko and attacked by Melanie Phillips in the Sunday Times. When Robert Whiston, Chairman of ManKind, confronted Stanko with this figure, Stanko claimed that she was not responsible for it, but it is published over her name, and attributed to her by the headlining newspapers including the Evening Standard and by Margaret Jay. Whiston has seen it in Stanko's own publications.

Judges like Tyrer are blissfully unaware that they are the puppets of evil forces.

Mr. D J Phillips, Chairman,

Princes Risborough Parish Council,

3 Barn Road,

Long Wick,

Princes Risborough,

Bucks HP27 9RW

Tel 01844 344371

I enclose a copy of my letter to your vicar. Please do what you can to inform the village, and to minimise the problems that the village may face.

If you could get Tyrer to study the subject - long term outcome for children as a result of his crass decisions - and get him to tell us that he intends to confront his ignorance, then our problem with your particular judge would be over. He could not continue to be so destructive if he knew much about the subject of family breakdown and divorce.

Ivor Catt

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